Panda in Pink (Chiang Mai Trip #4)

Having sleepless nights due to the wolves mating in the next room, I now have massive eye bags. I would definitely pass being a bear in black and white. You know, the one native from China, except that I am not cute and I don’t eat bamboos. But today, I’ve decided to be a panda.

So what do pandas do?

Hibernate? No. Based on wildlife studies, pandas also explore and socialize. So today, we will do just that.


Thai Silk Village

The Village

Since it was impossible to visit some of the places on our list, our driver suggested this one. It was informative, amusing, but a bit disappointing that some larvae were boiled inside the cocoon and were not able to become butterflies, just so the silk thread wouldn’t snap. But I guess it is the way of life, isn’t it?

The Cycle
The Process

I saw a worm came out of the cocoon before they were weaved, and I was secretly cheering.

You think your silk lingerie was easy to make? No.
The Finish Products
These were very pretty. My pupils dilated out of excitement.

Handicraft Centre

Big paper umbrellas for big glasses of vodka!
The Artist

This centre sells handicraft mostly made of wood and paper, and their workers were mostly people of old age. It is nice to think that they were given the chance to still work. I could see that they were actually enjoying doing their different tasks.

The Masterpiece

Royal Park Rajapruek


Royal Park Rajapruek, previously named as International Exposition of His Majesty the King; Royal Floral Rajapruek, was built in 2006 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Accession to the throne, as well as celebrating His Majesty’s 80th birthday.

It is a popular agro-tourism place in Chiang Mai that showcases countless number of plants and varied kinds of agricultural exposition, landscape and architecture, and international garden.

With an entrance fee of THB200.00, you will get to enjoy your time exploring the area, seeing different flowers and orchids, bees and butterflies, but please, rent a bike! Or else you will collapse before reaching the temple. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

The Main Attraction (No, not the girl in pink)

Chiang Mai Zoo

Honestly, I am not fond of going to the zoo. These animals should be in the wild, and I feel like the zoo is a prison for them.

We were walking down the forest one time when I asked my cousin, “Do these animals feel like being overseas workers, too? They were snatched from their lands and they are miles away from home.”  And I felt very sad after that.

But my cousin wanted to see the panda, so I went with her and paid THB250.00. Yes, I had fun seeing the animals I haven’t seen before, but it’s a zoo! I would’ve love seeing them in their natural habitat.

Here are the flamingo, giraffe, koala bear, and parrots inside their cell.

Those pink knees tho.
My li’l friend found a pet.
The Koala.
Ever feel so single looking at them?
You looking for a cone?
The Panda
So lazy, dahlin?

And then, there was me…

With everyday hassle, sometimes I just really want to be a panda.


Of course, when you travel to other places, you would want to try their cuisines. Your tummies wouldn’t be complaining in Chiang Mai because they offer different kind of food – from burger to steaks, to noodles, to pad Thai, to smoothies, to fried ice cream – completo!

Eat the American way
I scream Ice Cream!
Phad Thai ala Chiang Mai


Uh! It was a long day of socializing. So here I am in bed, trying to tell you about the proper way of resting, however, my eyes are not cooperating. But as what I always tell my boyfriend, invest in self-care, S-L-E-E-P!



    1. Haha! Aren’t we all? But girl, vacation is good for mental health. Running away is my way of coping up with everyday stress. 😅😂
      Thanks for reading by the way. 😘


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