I Looked For The Moon (Chiang Mai Trip #5)

When the night comes, I sit by the window and talk to the moon. He tells me about the sun and I tell him about you.

Yet that time, I saw no moon because it was gloomy and the street lights shone brighter than the stars in the night sky. So the group decided to range over the night bazaar because after all, we are still in Chiang Mai!

Just a quick rundown, this is the list of our trips in Chiang Mai in the previous days:

So on the last day, we decided to explore a few more cafes and buy some souvenirs before heading to the airport. Our flight will be at midnight so it would be perfect timing.

One Nimman


A friend actually told me to wander around Nimmanhaemin Road as you would see bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc. As per Google, this place also houses different trendy and chic cafes so we all gave it a go. We walked down the road hoping to see stalls and vendors along the street but didn’t find any until we reached One Food Market at the end of Nimmanhaemin.

It was something I didn’t expect. It had a different vibe and it felt nice, but the prices were a bit high and I would give it a thumb down. It was a little pricey for a single cup of coffee so we just roam around taking pictures. The architecture and facade were great though.

The Girl

We also wandered across the street that has different food shops and bistros. And I lurrvvv how it resembled some streets in Korea.

The Wall Art

Night Bazaar


You can skip the rest, but this place shouldn’t be missed. Why? One can live without material things but not food and drinks. And if you are a budget traveler like us, this will be on top of your list.

Chiang Mai has a lot of night bazaars, food markets, and shopping stalls but this was a particular place where we often had dinner because of the cheap variety of food, acoustic band, and cocktails!


I want the biggest goblet, please.
My travel buddies.

And for souvenirs, you can find them in the streets at low prices.

I cannot unsee it. Help!
Mister, is there a mermaid figurine?

This trip is one of the most amusing travels I had in my life. Ever been in a disco and laughed like you gonna die tomorrow? I did. And it’s crazy that you’ll meet new friends, talk for a while, drink, high-five each other, dance and not remember their names in the morning.

Anyway, the night was young. And I still look for the moon to talk about you, the food, arts, my photos and the last night I had in Chiang Mai.


Our driver was Mr. Mit who was very nice and accommodating. You can contact him atย Taxi Red Service Tours: 085-7150003. No worries, he gives out discounts.


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