Sierra In The Jungle (Chiang Mai Trip #3)

“But I’m a wildflower,

A little funny.

If I was a rose,

Maybe you’d want me.”

Sierra Burgess surely knows how to console you when you think that you are far from being a pretty flower because that’s what I felt standing in the middle of the rose garden. Let’s talk about that in detail…

So on our 3rd day in Chiang Mai, we hired the same taxi or songtaew and told the driver that we wanted to explore Mae Rim. Bringing the same list, we crossed it out as much as we can.


How I wish I traveled with my mom because I know this orchid farm would be heaven for her.

I smelled the flowers for you, Mom. (Photo by @katahomd)

This farm had different varieties of orchids. I spent a long time taking photos after photos as I got hooked how colorful and fragrant they were. I even tried to capture them in different angles.



They also have a butterfly dome inside. Sisters!




This part of Mae Rim had made me want to just lay down on the grass and blow dandelion flowers hoping all my wishes would come true. Lol.

But why not? Right?



QSBG was my favorite on this day’s quest. Aside from seeing various kinds of flowers and plants, in which some were imported from all over the world, it just makes me feel one with nature.



Except that, it could be very touristy at times and prone for scams.


Near QSBG is the Canopy Walkway that was opened in December 2015. Made from fiberglass, glass, and steel, this walkway is 20 meters above the forest and 400 meters long with sections of the glass floor being completely transparent. It also offers stunning views of mountains in the distance.



(Note: Entrance for QSBG is 100baht/pax and 100baht/car. The walkway is free.)


If you are so stressed and just want to scream your lungs out, no worries! You can certainly do so in Pongyang while riding their jungle coaster. You can also bring the kids with you and let them have fun as this park has activities for them.

If you heard screams, that was us.

If coffee and chill is your thing, there is a perfect spot for you right below the coaster. You can sit on the nets near a waterfall or scare yourself in the hanging bridge.

(Note: Coaster ride (1 round) is 300baht/pax.)


I’ve seen lots of elephants but I always wanted to see one whenever I have a chance. Sadly, when we arrived at the park, it was about to close for the day as they would be having a party for the staffs. Instead, they encouraged us to look around as they sell products made of poop such as books, notebooks, frames, etc.




Since the trip at the elephant park wasn’t successful, our driver took us to this temple as a side trip. I appreciated that he offered a different tour just not to waste our time in Mae Rim.

Wat Pa Dara Phirom is a 100-year old royal temple from the last princess of the Lan Na Kingdom. Dara Rasmee lived the rest of her days in this beautiful place and was preserved so people would see how royalty lived during that period. 

Living life in colors. (Photo by @iraonherdreams)
No looking at my knickers! (Photo by @katahomd)

All in all, this trip was fantastic. And on our way back to the hotel, I still felt like Sierra Burgess. Nope, definitely not a loser. Of course, not a sunflower, not a rose either, but a wildflower. 

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