Dear Diary (Kanchanaburi Day 1)

Entry 1 – 14.10.21 4:00

Dear Diary,

Did you ever feel like you are so drained and wanted to unplug from society and go somewhere far away where nobody knew your name?

Yes, I know I’ve been to Kanchanaburi but I decided to revisit. The last time I was there, the place was brimming with tourists and it didn’t feel nice. It’s good for the business I know but not for people who are after an unforgettable experience. To be honest, one of the things I enjoy in the middle of this pandemic is solitude. Visiting destinations without people screaming at your face, or tourists ruining the environment with their rubbish, and since lockdown was only eased a few days ago, Kanchanaburi will be the perfect place to recharge and reconnect with nature. Maybe by then, I’ll come back as a new person. I can’t wait!

Entry 2 – 14.10.21 10:00

Dear Diary,

The journey wasn’t that bad. It took us 3 hours and more to reach Kanchanaburi Bus Station and it only cost 120 baht each for the fair. Well, aside from the taxi we took going to Mochit, but so far so good. We decided to leave our bags at the hotel first before trying to explore the town because who wanted to carry a 40L backpack? Of course, not me! But then, dear diary, check in time is at 2pm and it’s only 9am, plus I’m famished as f***. After grabbing some Kaphrao Moo Krub for 40 baht and 10 baht water, we left our bags at the hotel reception and headed back downtown. We waited for a while just to realise that we are really far from the city. Car is essential this time! LOL. We cannot hitchhike so we decided to book a Grab Bike instead and we paid 30 baht each. Off to adventure!

Entry 3 – 14.10.21 16:00

Dear Diary,

No bus in sight! Due to the pandemic and national park being closed for a long time, they suspended the buses bound for Erawan National Park. Last resort is to rent a songtaew (jeep) which we did for 1,000 baht. Weighing it down… Let’s see. Pros – We have a private driver, we can stop somewhere we want to, and we can go home anytime. Cons – Expensive than taking the bus. However, it’s more convenient than the latter, especially that the waterfall is 1 hour and 5 mins away from the city proper. It’s decided!

There’s a few private cars when we got there, which means that the national park was not empty at all. We were actually thinking of doing skinny dipping if it happens that we’re alone, but good thing we’re not! I cannot imagine letting fish nibble my naked body. Hah!

After riding the cart for 30 baht each, we arrived at the entrance of the falls. Level 1 is quite full of people so we decided to go straight to Level 7 and we cannot help but gasp in awe when Erawan started to unveil it’s real beauty starting at level 5.

The water started to spread across the land making sure it’s covered in colors of teal and green while creating layers and layers of solid ground where you can stand and be amazed on how Mother Nature carved this kind of beauty. A shoal of fish is evident but you cannot feel them unless you stay a bit longer in the water. We stayed to take photos and carried on with the hike.

Level 6 is amazing! Like how on earth was this formed? The waterfalls were scattered in different sizes, in different ways and it was so cool to look at. Imagine standing on a footpath while being surrounded by tiny waterfalls and having the huge one as your backdrop. Exactly! You can’t. That’s how beautiful it is. I was totally stunned. I mean, I’ve been to a lot of waterfalls but Erawan is something I wanna go back to and see how it looks in different seasons.

“You are a conqueror.” is a good way to acknowledge our efforts in climbing Level 7. And wow! Just wow! This level is definitely something. There’s a massive torrent of water pouring in from the cliff, a layer in the middle where people can actually climb but not allowed then, water dripping down to a pool. After taking photos, that’s the time I noticed that there are still so many waterfalls racing down in a series of cascades above the layers with their own plunge pool.

Fact: Level 7 is pretty mind-blowing.

I think my photos didn’t do this waterfall justice. Worse is, I even forgot to take photos on other levels! Guess it’s enough reason to go back? Hehe. What do you think, dear diary?

Entry 4 – 14.10.21 18:00

We checked it at Hop Inn Hotel for only 650 Baht/night. My body calls for a hot shower! Too tired to go out, plus it’s raining outside, we decided to order ourselves burgers, fries, and soft drinks. A reward for today’s trek. Not so healthy I know. Well, the coach said not to deprive myself so we’re good.

I’ll see you tomorrow, dear diary. Zzz…

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