Dear Diary (Kanchanaburi Day 2)

Day 2

Entry 1 – 15.10.21 6:00

Our little walk turned into a walkathon! No restaurant nor a convenience store anywhere near. My friend and I agreed to continue walking and to grab a ride back to the hotel. We reached the market before we saw an eatery that serves noodles and rice. I ordered chicken fried rice for 40 baht and Yakult for 10 baht from 7/11. We then rode a motorcycle back to the hotel for 30 baht each. And again, Hop Inn is a bit far from the terminal so we cannot walk. Good thing that a motorbike passed by and we paid 20 baht each to go to the bus station. Adventure mode on!

Entry 2 – 15.10.21 10:00

Bus already left at 9:40 and we ran a bit late. It would only cost us 50 baht going to Hellfire Pass but since we missed it, we can either wait for another bus at 11:00 or rent a songthaew for 1,200 baht. We decided to rent because we also think that it’ll be hard to look for a ride once we arrive at our destination. There will be no means to go to the pier unless we can hitchhike.

First Stop: Muang Singh Historical Park

A little ruins for a 100baht entrance is actually not bad. One would be able to check out the ruins that were once saunas, library, pavilion, etc. There’s also an archaeological pit on the left side that still has the bones of women buried with their amphoras and axes, then a viewpoint of the river nearby. We had fun taking epic jump shot photos and my friend’s, Den, bloopers.

Also, I took home a little carved wood of the Muang Singh temple.

Second Stop: Hellfire Pass

Closed due to the pandemic which absolutely sucks coz we travelled for more than an hour!

Third Stop: Sai Yok Noi Waterfalls

This waterfall is right beside the road. No trekking required. Where’s the fun in that?!

Namtok Sai Yok Noi is actually situated near the train tracks so back in the day, people rode a train going to Hellfire Pass and passed through the waterfalls. What scenery! It’s mind boggling. However, it wasn’t maintained so Namtok is now the train’s last station from Kanchanaburi.

I gasped in astonishment as I took photos of the aquarium-blue plunge pool with its water streaming from a larger waterfall that’s pounding its bedrock. On the right side, you will see water streaming down the steps which added charm to the place. There’s also a big tree standing near the sign that is drenched in the rain at the time making it more magical. My heart is stirred! We hurriedly changed into our swimwears and noticed that Sai Yok Nok is segmented with its water flowing separately as it descends. There were also tables and wide circular concrete beds where people could spread out their picnic blankets and eat lunch right in the water. Great idea!

We took our time in the waterfalls. The water was freezing cold but that didn’t stop us. We believe that we were mermaids in our past life and water is our element. Hah! 

Entry 3 – 15.10.21 16:41

Dear Diary,

After a 30-minute drive to the port, and a few more minutes by boat ride, we reached River Kwai Jungle Rafts Floating Hotel. I remember only saying one word – wow! Our floating hotel is beautiful – genuinely beautiful. 

This floating hotel is sitting right on the water carried by massive buoys, so when the water rises, so does the hotel. Is it also decorated by so many outdoor plants that gives more authenticity to its rugged look, plus the fact that the river is surrounded by green lush mountains and jungle. I remember my boyfriend saying, “So nature!” when I told him where I was going. Indeed, it is.  

After checking-in, my friend and I stayed at the hammock in front of our room and settled in watching people swimming in the river while some were operating jet skis. And before dusk, we gathered our things and got ready for dinner. One thing I liked about this hotel is, there is no electricity, no signal anywhere, no wifi, no nothing. So everyone will be forced to talk to each other like it’s 1995 and mind you, my soul is happy! 

I was more smiles seeing all the kerosene lamps being lighted up all over the place and one on our dining table. Like a candle lit dinner but with lamps! Haha. And their food, amazing! They were simple but healthy, tasty, and mouthful! The only thing that bothered me that time was the mosquitos having a bite on my skin because I was still in my swimwear and forgot to put on repellent lotions. Urgh! Oh, and one more, no hot shower! But I can live with that. 

We called it a night but I remember falling asleep and still hearing people strumming guitars and singing their hearts out, while the couple next door was doing bedtime reading. What a life!  

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