Party on the Rocks

Do you have any tradition when celebrating your birthday?

Most of us wouldn’t even remember it as a special day since we get so caught up with work and all those things that keep us busy. But there are also those of us who celebrate it in an extraordinary way. I recall a friend who said that she celebrated it for 1 week (Who does that?) and each day has a different theme (Woah! Sounds expensive.) As for me, every birthday, I would file a leave from work and spend days at the beach. That’s my birthday tradition. However, I do not really want to do that so I searched online regarding things I can do on that not-so-ordinary day.

I stumbled upon blogs that promote a certain place in Saraburi where you can camp and do outdoor activities. And since I am an enthusiast, I searched for their website and read reviews. What amazed me was the interview with the French owner who refused to have electricity because it means that the electric company has to cut a few meters across the forest to put cables. Moreover, the camp grows vegetables to keep organic healthy diets and that they do not sell bottled water. The campers have to bring their own water bottle and refill from the cafeteria. I loved their passion for nature so I messaged them on Facebook and had my reservation. I also thought staying at the treehouse would be a nice experience so I took a train from Hua Lamphong Station (for 50baht) and got off at Kaeng Khoi Junction, and from there, a staff from Nam Pa Pha Yai Camp picked me up. They also directed me to the tree house after I checked in so I could rest.

The only tree house was standing on the camping grounds and near the toilet because it doesn’t have its own bathroom. It also doesn’t have any socket but a large battery which you can use for light at night and to operate a small fan. Aside from a small terrace, the treehouse has small windows around that you can open to let the fresh air in but you may need to close it at night to avoid mosquitos, though hanging up the bed is a massive mosquito net to protect you. Also, it is worthy to note that this cottage is situated in between trees so when it is windy, the trees will sway and so will your treehouse. But it added thrill though!

During my first day, I decided to climb the peak of the nearest mountain. It took about 1.5hrs to go up and down. Even though I did it alone, it was quite safe. You just need to be extra careful though because there might be animals from the wild, i.e. snakes. If you see one, just stay put and let them pass through.

My second day was my favourite because it was my first time rock climbing! However, the guide (Khun Add) might have thought I was kidding because he took me to a level 5 wall. After giving me a refresher on how to do knots and discussed the basics, he told me to climb up to the top and celebrate. I was like, “You are overestimating me, sir“, but I did it! Never thought it was this rewarding!

I did a few rounds for the whole day until I surrendered when I had to climb a little overhang. I know I am fit because I frequented the gym and do arms and shoulders work out, but this one is quite intense so I shouted “tension” to alert my belayer, signaling that I am going down. Man, that was tough! It was a 6a sleek wall and for me who doesn’t have any experience, it was too much. However, I promised that I will do my best next time to overcome that boulder.

Came the night where I lay there on my bed in the treehouse, with nothing to hear but that gecko who served as my companion for this trip, I was finally able to rest my mind in solitude. I looked back in the past years, the smiles I shared, tears I shed, my struggles, my triumphs, and realised that…

The world is my stage and I have played diligently so far. I hope to display a noble and fierce expression of reign in the years to come.

A happy birthday to me. My heart is full!

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