Ran Barefoot in Koh Lanta

If life is a race, I’ll run barefoot.

Sjung gamla sånger från förut

If we look back, I am sure most of us will look past and beyond, and skip the worst years of our time. Ignoring the lessons it had taught us and pursue the competition we declared with each other for we believe that life is a race and we should win.

Yet, if I look back and examine all the scars I bear to still live, I’ll rather run barefoot. Run barefoot on a pure powdery sand while inhaling the salty air, and feeling the breeze on my flowy hair.

In the middle of this chaos, I am lucky that the Thai government is considerate to allow the people to travel interprovincially. So after 18 hours of car ride, little sleep in between, and long hours of singing in the car, we reached the beautiful island of Koh Lanta.

One resort that accepts guest was SriLanta Resort and Spa. They have almost complete facilities – from a bathtub in your honeymoon suite, a private tunnel that connects the reception to the pool area, restaurant, spa and massage parlor, to a smoothie bar by the beach. It was absolutely perfect for a vacation. They also have villas in the woods! Though you need to know that the massage parlor (Let’s Relax) was closed due to the pandemic. Still, the fact that they have these during convenient times is enough to consider your stay.

Having a free spirit doesn’t always mean going out and seeking adventures. Reading books, sipping a watermelon smoothie while the tune of waves crashing on the shore was playing in the background matters too! It’s about getting rid of manacles of life. It’s about not being tied to the activities you are required to do on a daily basis. I couldn’t count how many times I woke up early so I would have enough time to enjoy the pristine waters and read afterwards. I guess I really took my time to unwind while I was away from the buzzing noise of busy streets in the city. Thanks be to God!

However, I also took my time to discover what the island could offer and it was a shame that I didn’t explore the nearby islets of Koh Haa and Koh Rok to go snorkling. I realised that on the last day of our stay so we agreed to go south instead. And I was not disappointed!

Kantiang Bay

As I was walking, leaving footprints on the sand, the seawater was quick to erase them away. And as I step forward, the unending waves revealed beautiful shells on the shore. I tried to pick them up but seeing that some creatures are still in them, I threw it back to the sea.

Not far from where we parked, there was a view point where you can take magnificent sunset photos. We decided not to climb and checked the black rough rocks down below. They were so rough and razor-sharp that you’ll start wondering how the raging seawater shaped them over the years.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park

At the very end of the island is a national park that is protected by the military. On the way, we were joking about getting a giant taro plant to sell online and seeing them growing on the side of the road, I instantly knew that this national park is extraordinary.

This sanctuary looked like a paradise and I was in awe. In the car parking, there was a trail leading to a 20.10 meters long Laemtanod Forest that will take approximately an hour to wander through. However, it was temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

How rocky is rocky?

On the right side, you will see a signage that says Rocky Beach where you can find rough sharp rocks molded by the seething waves of the Andaman Sea.

Sandy Beach on the left side was the complete opposite though. For it was blessed with a mixture of white and pastel sand, clear waters, and unspoiled beach. Having it for ourselves for a day was pure bliss!

And then, on a hill not far away from the beach stands a proud lighthouse called Lighthouse Koh Lanta Waterfall Bay. How ever nice it was to look what’s on the other hill, people are not allowed to go beyond the ruins for satefy. But one thing that is beautiful is the part of the hill that looked like a dried waterfall.

Bamboo Bay

Koh Lanta Yai is composed of bays and incredible sunsets so when you come to visit, make sure to check them out. The ones in the south are beautiful and have tranquil touch to it compared with the beaches in the northern part that are brimming with hotels and restaurants.

Bamboo Bay

The overlooking restaurant before you head off to the unbeaten path offers budget friendly meals and their smoothies are to die for!

Klong Nin Beach

I seriously haven’t seen a sunset I didn’t like. Just sitting in this side of Koh Lanta Yai is enough to watch as the sun sets and get dreamy.

Long Beach

Not far from Saladan Pier is this long stretch of sandy beach that is abandoned when we get there. Thinking of skinny dipping? I guess nobody would mind.

In this hard times, I wouldn’t mind being stuck in an island. Actually, I was already thinking where to do my yoga sessions in the afternoon but my cousins and I needed to go back to the capital in case the government will declare a lockdown for the 2nd wave.

Now, I am back in the ocean of buildings and people walking fast as if being chased by the unknown. Life is a race, is it not? As for me, I’ll dance to the whispers of the wind, singing old songs I learnt by heart.

Sjung gamla sånger från förut

And though I’ll bleed, I’ll still run barefoot.


  1. So cool Joan, and it’s nice you’re allowed in Thailand to travel interprovincially, you can visit this kind of paradises 🙂 have a great new year and cheers from Portugal, PedroL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pedro! Happy New Year and I hope you are well. The covid numbers are getting worse as there are travel restrictions nowadays. I just think I’m lucky to be living in a tropical country during this hard times. Please come over once this madness is over though. *wink*

      Liked by 1 person

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