Leg Day with the Gang

One thing a person needs to be motivated all the way is to have gym buddies. People with the same mindset lift each other up and encourage those who are feeling low – with nothing but pure brotherly love.

Months after months of offering group training, our gym studio was closed for the day so my team decided to do outdoor cycling at one of the parks in Thailand.

Vachirabenjatas Park or better known as Suan Rot Fai Public Park is one of the many parks in the heart of the city of Bangkok that offers beautiful scenery aside from its 3.0 km biking lane. It has lots of trees, green grass, ponds, basketball court, butterfly garden, blooming flowers, curious animals, etc. Another plus is that this park lies near the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market so people usually stop at the park first for a picnic then go shopping in the afternoon.

We didn’t have a bike, so we rented one for 30thb each and left an ID card as a deposit. We can use it for the entire day but since we went in the afternoon, we only have few hours left then, indulge ourselves with Thai food at the market.

After a few rounds of pedaling, taking photos, and enjoying the scenery, we returned the bikes and walked across the park to go to the market where we had fruit smoothies and beef shawarma.

Cyclists live with pain. If you can’t handle it, you will win nothing,” I so agree with this quote. That is why, no matter how painful biking/cycling is, we still do it. We are meant to win! But food trip for now.


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