Fit Girl in Progress

I wasn’t really living a sedentary life back in my home country but my lifestyle contributed so much to my weight gain. I drunk so much beer and gin, I ate junks, I didn’t have enough sleep because of my graveyard shift, plus I thought exercise required a lot of efforts! As a result, I looked like a loser and always hid my torso in photos. Not to mention the fact that I also wore a girdle to hide my belly fats. My life changed when I arrived in Thailand as I saw how people try their best to eat healthy food and spend hours and hours in the gym to sweat off.

I joined a 14-day weight loss challenge of Samantha Kozuch and forced myself to step on the treadmill. Only to almost fell on my knees when everything became blur. I also swifted to vegetarian diet and didn’t survive after a week. Perhaps, the virtual trainer saw my hardwork and proclaimed me as one of the winners of her program. But my workout routine ended there coz it was on and off and my eating habits became a yoyo diet. Also take note that the mini-gym in our condo doesn’t have machines and everything is body weight. Then, I lost it. Back to square one.

It took one man to encourage me to get serious with my fitness journey. So I enrolled in the real gym with real machines, attended classes, and made friends with people who radiant the same vibes because as what they say, “Surround yourself with people who want to win.”

Still in progress…

Then, I saw changes. Maybe it is not as drastic as what other people wanted because I need to gain muscle mass and not just become skinny. Changes do not happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of efforts. So when people ask what was my motivation, the answer is – the old me. I do not want to go back to her.

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