Dare, Dance, and Drool

Prachuap Khiri Khan wouldn’t be named as the “City of Mountains” for nothing. In fact, this province has 302 named mountains with one that stands right in the city proper.

For today’s itinerary, we brought nothing but our cameras and sang along the way to add zest to our already overflowing enthusiasm.


Khao Chong Krajok is a monastery situated 395 steps up the top of a mountain with a small pagoda and will give you a stunning panoramic view of the coastline and seascape. However, in order to climb, you need to dare pass a troop of playful monkeys first. They aren’t the friendliest, not the scariest either, but will try to rob you off things. I suggest not to carry anything exposed, i.e. sunglasses, hats, bracelets, phones, or something they can easily grab, nor food if you do not want to be surrounded by a dozen of hungry monkeys.

Lak Mueang City Pillar Shrine can be found in the heart of the city across the city hall. It is rumoured that the city pillar lie the bones of the people who were sacrificed to become guardian spirits of the town, a belief that has been passed on since the early decades of the 19th century. I believe it is also one of the reason why this part of the city is called the Ghost Town. Whether this is true or not, the general belief is that these pillars house the city spirit diety called Chao Pho Lak Mueang.


They said to dance in the sound of your own heartbeat. We did so on top of the temple in Khao Chong Krajok.

However, another interesting activity in the city of Prachuap is that every weekend, people will set up Night Market along the coast where bands can play different kinds of music.


This province is absolutely one place a food blogger will love. Aside from offering huge servings of seafood in seaside restaurants, Prachuap has night markets, with one market across the police station, that sell varities of food.

Smoothies, barbeque, chips, dried fruits, and many more are available. You can even shop for sunglasses and dresses on a cheaper price, just know how to bargain with sellers (hehe). But most likely, they’ll give lower prices if you are the first buyer.

Photo Credit: Carlo Marmolejo

It is also worthy to take note that this seaside market offers foot massage that cost 150thb for an hour or 100thb for 45 minutes. So you can sit, enjoy pampering yourself with a smoothie, with a great view!

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Oh, I should get another smoothie…

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