Laid Back Life: Prachuap Khiri Khan 1

If you have wanderlust, being stucked at home for three months will bring you despair. Yet, you can do nothing because the city is in lockdown and everyone is mandated to stay at home. Learning new skills and habits helped in losing your sanity but nature brings different impact on our lives and I believe everyone will agree.

Luckily, after a few months of no local transmission of the CoVid-19 virus, Thailand started to ease travel restrictions and began to promote local tourism to boost the economy back.

I am one of the few who are blessed to be on school break during this time of the year, so I invited my workmates to explore a province in the southern part of the country and experience how people live a laid back life in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a province 240 km south of Bangkok. And though it is alongside Huahin, it doesn’t have much tourists and rowdy night life although it also possesses various interesting attractions such as beaches, islands, forests, and mountains.

Ways to Reach Prachuap Khiri Khan:

  • Train – The cheapest option to reach the province is to ride the Souther Line Railway Train from Hua Lamphong. From ordinary, rapid express, special express to a sleeper train, you can choose what you like. However, you need to check the timetable so you can be at the station to buy ticket before the train’s arrival.
  • Bus – Buses can be found at Sai Tai Mai Station and usually departs at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Minivan – There are vans at Mo Chit Station. The travel will take 4-5 hours and first trip is at 6:00 in the morning. Ticket costs 220thb and vans stop at the station in the highway. You need to ride a tuktuk, taxi or a shuttle to reach your hotel.
  • Car – Much better if you have your own car so you can just go and explore the area anytime you want.

Day 1

We arrived at Prachuap Khiri Khan before lunch since we left Bangkok at 6:00 in the morning. We were greeted by smiling and friendly people, asking where are we headed to. They even helped us talked to the owner of the hotel because we do not know how to speak in Thai. Indeed, people in the country side are good!

What To See:

Wat Ao Noi

Wat Ao Noi or Wat Tham Phra Non is said to be made of corals and sea shells. Some actually said that this is a new temple and the old one, which was situated right on the foot of a hill, is also worth a visit.

A lady will offer you a candle/incense and a flower before you climb the stairs and you can bring them to Khan Kra Dai Cave where lies a reclining Buddha. The steps going to the cave’s entrance will kill your knees but the views up the hill is totally worth it!

The magnificent beauty of the other part of Ao Noi Bay from up the hill.

Ao Noi Beach

Woke up to this.

One reason we booked Joy Hotel is that it is situated in front of the beach in Ao Noi Bay so it gave us privacy whenever we feel like swimming. This part of Prachuap Khiri Khan does not have much tourists as it was 4.3km away from the town proper. So imagine us running around in our bikinis like we own the beach or something.

Ao Prachuap Beach

Ao Prachuap is a bay in the west side of the Gulf of Thailand and is 8-km long starting from Khao Ta Mong Lai in the north, curving towards Khao Lom Muak in the south. There are also numbers of islets facing the land which gives a delighful panoramic view.

People can observe varieties of activities around the bay aside from swimming, such as kitesurfing, sailing, jogging, biking, foot massage, or walk along the seaside night market.

Perhaps what made this day one of a kind is the fact that I got a flat tire during biking and pushed my bike half a kilometer. When my friend noticed that I could no longer pedal, she also dismounted and walked alongside me. Coz that’s what friends are for! =P

A local spotted us struggling with our bikes, approached us and said to call the hotel so they could help us on our way back. And since we are already near the night market, a barbeque would be a nice way to wrap the day up!

Til tomo…

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