Thank You, Next

Has there been a point in your life when you think that everything is well? Like you are standing tall with a great smile and then suddenly be punched in the stomach. And when you tried to get up and grasp some air, it was followed by a kick in the face. Now you’re there lying, trying to contemplate if you still want to fight life or not.

I have so many plans in life – to have a great career, travel the world with the one I love, finish different degrees, etc. I was also sending my sister to school, and seeing her graduate was included in that plan. Yet, life played a joke on me as if my life was not a big joke already. I lose my job, I am still in the middle of finishing my second degree, and my sister is yet to graduate in the next couple of months which means that I need money.

I was positive at first, thinking that I will get a better one, that I will still finish everything in the long run. I received invitations for a job interview, did my demonstrations, but the emails seldom come, until it comes no more.

I was devastated. Day by day, without an income, my funds are slowly being consumed with my hopes drifting away. There was even a time that I prayed, fasted, and literally cried out for help. I am an OFW and it’s hard to live in a foreign country without having anything.

Then, I got a job the next morning. As I took the flight, I saw my hope rose up again, but only to watch it fall in the next days. I got a job, yeah, but it was so terrible that I even asked, “Oh God, why did you send me here?”

I have always thought that I have a liberated mind because of what I’ve been through in the past; that my heart is open for possibilities; and that my hands were small enough to only get a grip of what was meant for me. But I was wrong…

The people I’ve met have stories too difficult to fathom and it made me realize that I am still lucky despite all these. Two of them were single moms, the other started working as a maid at a very very young age, some did not finish school which meant they only receive low salaries, some live in a shack, etc.

As I stood outside their makeshift shelter, I felt ashamed that I complained in the past, and at the same time, I felt horrible for them. How can some people treat others so unlawful just because they have power? It’s hard for me to discern that. However, as we share our food and drinks, I saw their genuinely happy faces which rich people certainly do not have. Yeah, possessions might tell others what they are capable of, but they can still be poor in so many ways. Like poor in happiness, love, and friendship.

Excuse the emojis! =P

The next morning as I stare at the sea, the answers to my questions came rushing in the middle of my solitude. Life can sometimes be cruel, but it is fair to everyone. It throws major curve balls that make you want to cuss and take your final twitch, but it is there to teach you a lesson. Maybe that lesson is how to manage your finances wisely, how to be patient, how to be optimistic, or how to keep important people in life who would lift you up when you feel down, or it could be anything. Truth is, that lesson is only meant for you to learn.

I asked to leave after a week. And as I held my passport and bid my friends goodbye, I carried with me a brand new hope and eyes opened with the truth – that if metals go through fire to be good swords and steel, so as our hearts. It goes through trials to be tested. And I’ve accepted the challenge. I’ll deal with all the problems until problems give up on me.

So dear life, thank you. Next.


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