Came Here for Love (Bali Travel Series Day 5)

This is what we came here for, 
We came here for love… ♫♪

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Everything was on point, except that it would be our last day in Bali. If you are a wanderer, there’s nothing sadder than the thought of you going back to your lives after having a good time. I mean, come on. Don’t get me wrong, but if you have wanderlust, strange cities and new places would feel more like home than your nice couch back in your apartment.

So on the 5th day, my cousin and I decided to explore more than just watch TV in our room. We planned on visiting some places near but the cab driver we booked through an app offered a great deal for his 8-hour service as driver/tour guide. It was so great that we couldn’t resist.

So off we went…


I was following an influencer in IG named Sorelle Amore. I was so amazed by her advanced selfie programs and techniques. She went to Bali and I saw one of her posts that urged me to visit the black sand beach in Canggu.

We also had black sand beaches in the Philippines, but just like any other beaches in the world, each one is different.

You can also surf in Canggu. The waves are powerful and you would love it.


Have you ever been so single in your life that you have no one to drunk text with? Hahaha! I know the feeling.

We went to Love Anchor in Canggu, just a walking distance from the Canggu Beach. No, I wasn’t there to hook up but maybe would find something I’d love (wishful thinking) in the bazaar.

Bali is also known for jewelry, and as a crazy bracelet lover, I was hoping to find one that would suit my personality. I did find some rings with wave designs, bracelets with my birthstone, etc.

But first, let me pose for a photoshoot… (c)@iraonherdreams



Tanah Lot means Land in the Sea, perfectly fits its name because of its offshore rock setting. This temple was claimed to be established in the 16th century by Dang Hyang Nirartha during one of his travels, a part of Balinese mythology and now believed as one of the seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. The bottom of the rock where the temple sits had venomous sea snakes that were believed to guard the temple from evil sea spirits and intruders.

Tanah Lot is a famous landmark and icon for photography because of its lovely setting amidst the crashing waves and sunset backdrops. No wonder it was recommended by our driver when we asked where would be the best place to go.

Offerings and prayers are a daily part of Balinese culture so we joined many other tourists who lined up under the temple. We drank water from a volcanic rock which they called Holy Spring just below the temple, and the priest sprinkled water, put grains on our forehead and tucked flower on our hair. They said that the grains symbolize good fortune, water for good energy, and the flower means that you prayed.

We also explored other rocks formation away from the temple because we were adventurers just like that.

Tell me not to do something, and I will do it twice and take pictures. (c) @iraonherdreams

When we got back, our driver told us that there was an earthquake. We were safe, but if I were to backtrack, the quake happened when we were at the edge of the rock. OMG! I couldn’t imagine.


(c) @iraonherdreams

This was suggested by my cousin. The driver talked great things about it, too. I got curious so we agreed to have a look around.

It was nice, offered great prices but so popular that it was already full of people when we arrived. Nowhere to sit!

We settled in front of the bar with our pizza and coconut juice. Haven’t seen someone ordering coconut juice from a bartender? Well, try us. =P

The beach club was noisy with pool parties, loud banging music, people chit-chatting, which is good for party-people but not to those who just wanted to read a book and chill. Perhaps, there is really a perfect place for everyone. What I liked about Potato Head though is that they were more eco-friendly than any other. They use bamboo straws instead of plastic, use junks for decorations, and collect lost slippers on the shore.

My Bali travel might be short and I still haven’t seen other places I wanted to see; plus the earthquake that happened on our first night was scary as hell, but I wouldn’t deny that it changed a lot in me. My life was put at risk but I regret nothing because after all, I came here for the love to travel.

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