The Green Green Lush of Ubud (Bali Travel Series Day 2)

“Sometimes our hearts are broken so new light can get in.”

True! And you might have read or heard it somewhere, but no. It wasn’t me or your mom, or your BFF who told you that. It was… Okay! Okay! It was the famous line of Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love starred by Julia Roberts who happened to shot the film in Ubud, Bali!

And I will show you around! (Note: No, I did not bike around the area.)


Before driving to the temple, we first watched the famous cultural Barong and Kris Dance portraying the battle of “Good vs Evil”.

The island is not only a home of beautiful beaches but also rich with culture that remains until today. The show, though spoken in their native tongue, is well-known and loved in Bali.


Imagine a girl wearing a sarong taking a dip on a spring in the temple. Are you imagining Julia R. in one of her scenes in the movie? Yep! This is it!

I came here not to ask for anything but to say Thank You for everything. (c) @katahomd
(c) @katahomd

Tirta Empul means Holy Water Spring. The temple was built in 960 A.D. during the Warmadewa Dynasty. The spring’s water was distributed to various pools that Balinese Hindus used for their purification ritual.

Our driver told us to take a bath and drink water from the spring after we pray as it was meant to cleanse your soul. I may have a different belief when it comes to cleansing one’s self but trying wouldn’t hurt. There is no magic in the water but I guess if you have a genuine intention and prayed from the heart, you will feel great after.


Promo Girl Pose (c)@katahomd

Bali might be a small island but has 3 volcanoes with Mt. Batur that speaks beauty and danger.

It is an active volcano and its beauty during sunrises draws more people for trekking and camping.

Now, we did not hike or anything but we had lunch in one of the restaurants on top of Kintamani village facing the volcano. And I tell you, drinking coffee in freezing weather looking at one of the many natural beauty of the Earth is definitely worth it. I was not wearing the correct outfit, (Haha!) but nah! No way I’m backing down.


Follow me! (c)@katahomd

Shopping? Need clothes and souvenirs? Perhaps… BALI bags? Say no more!

Yes! The bags you see that had been circling around social media originated in Bali. My friend called this “golden grass purse”. Hah! Yep, it is made of rattan and can be bought on a lower price depending on your bargaining powers. *wink*


Missing ya hometown, girl? (c) @katahomd

I spent some of my crazy childhood days in a rice field, running around the paddy field, or making my way to the mango tree bringing a long stick with a hook. But you know, standing in the middle of a rice field, being all grown up and such, in a different country might give me a familiar feeling (or maybe different), but to my dismay, the rice field had been harvested when we visited Ubud. So, alright! Move on!

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