Temple on the Cliff and the Deep Blue Sea (Bali Travel Series Day 3)

3rd day of the week, you sitting on your spot drinking coffee, but minus the office setting and workmates busy on their desks; then, add the salty air, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore… Nice, right? And that’s what I’m gonna tell you.

On our 3rd day, we decided to explore the south-west part of the peninsula of Bali. We were not done with the beaches and temples yet, so we hired another car for the whole day.



Indeed a surfers’ paradise!

This beach was located on the Bukit peninsula and was one of the hidden beaches collections of Bali. It was so hidden that we almost got lost along the way. Hah!

They said that this beach was found by a Western surfer back in the ’70s, and if you are a surfer, you will understand why it was named as Dreamland. With its beautiful panoramic view, big waves, strong wind, you will really fall in love.


However, with the economy booming and tourism rapidly increasing, the place is no longer a dream. It is usually jam-packed of surfers and day-trippers. Also, you need to be careful for the beach was known of its dangerous shorebreak. If you are not that confident to swim or surf on big waves yet, please… join me here. Lol. I wasn’t sitting all day, OK? We found some spot away from the crowd, and we had our fair share of fun, too.

Life is short; the world is wide; I wanna make some memories! (c)@katahomd




Our driver recommended this one. It was a few minutes away from Dreamland but the beach is much calmer. It was also relatively small and full of people, but at least you can have your chance to swim.


(Note: This place is full of monkeys so you need to be mindful of your stuff.)




Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu, derived its name from Ulu means top, watu means stone, and purah means temple. It was built in 1025 A.D. and was believed to be one of the six key temples to be Bali’s spiritual pillars. It was dedicated to protect Bali from evil sea spirits.


The temple was situated at the top of the cliff at the edge of a plateau, 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. And without a doubt, it is what makes it spectacular. It was always full of people waiting for the Kecak Dance to be performed, or just want a share of sunset delight.


If you want to visit, you need to wear a sarong and a sash, as well as appropriate clothes common for temple visits. If you happen to be in shorts, you can have a sarong at the entrance. You also need to be careful with the monkeys wandering around as they steal items from visitors, like hats, sunglasses, and worse, a mobile phone!




Jimbaran is known not only for its luxurious resorts but also with seafood. The restaurants though can have ridiculously high prices so our driver took us to a small restaurant near the beach.

Time to chill, beaches! Where’s my cocktail?

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