Escape to Kood Island

Everyone wants to escape sometimes. It just so happen that I love escaping every year, and on the same date. I run away before someone actually remembers that it’s my birthday. It’s a self-imposed tradition! LOL.

Wander by the sea, should you want to ever find me. (c) Intian

I don’t really remember when it began but I am pretty sure it was when I started working. When in high school, I always get flowers, cards or letters – an advantage when your birthday is on a school day! In college, I always get something from friends or I buy myself a gift. Hey, I am not complaining here, but as I grow older, my preferred gifts are no longer tangible. I prefer moments than things, so this year, I celebrated my birthday on a remote island somewhere south of Thailand.

One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember. – Avicii

I invited my cousin who is also a traveler, and luckily she said yes. While planning, we were like, “so who’s gonna drive for us when we’re drunk?” And as an answered prayer, her boyfriend went with us, too! I don’t really mind being a third wheel for they will be my photographers. What a counterbalance!

Koh Kood (Koh means island in Thai), as what they call it, is the farthest part of Trat Province, the southeast region of Thailand. We originally planned to ride a bus from Ekkamai Bus Station to Trat but the last trip will be at night and we cannot afford to be anywhere at dawn so we took a minivan with the earliest schedule for 270 baht/person.

We left Ekkamai at 5 pm and arrived 9 pm in Trat. A tuk-tuk (Thailand mode of transportation) was already there and it brought us to our accommodation for 30 baht each. We checked-in at Pop Guesthouse and since it was past dinner time already, the first thing we looked for is a nice meal. Good thing that some restaurants are still open even late at night, so we were able to grab something to eat before calling it a night. If ever you decide to go to Kood Island, I suggest you go early, like 5 am so you’ll get to Trat by noon. And since this is an island, bring a lot of cash.

In the morning, we booked a ferry going to Koh Kood. Our hostel was offering a booking service so we need not to go far to get a ticket. A free taxi going to the port was offered, too! They also gave us a map to make sure we cover all the tourist spots in the island. Who else love it? ‘Coz I am! The fare varies per companies and time table. We grabbed the 12:30 pm schedule for 350 baht.

It took an hour and 30 minutes before we arrived at Koh Kood port. The good thing about these ferry companies is that they make arrangements with hotels, resorts, and accommodations on the island to make sure that you will be delivered safely. It’s another free taxi ride and I love it!

We booked Koh Kood Gardens for 2 nights. This place was a walking distance from Koh Kood Beach Resort and was surrounded by trees which makes it relaxing. All you hear at night would be crickets… and some snoring…

To truly enjoy our stay like most tourists, we rented a motorbike for 300 baht/day. There were other rental shops with cheaper prices but it will be too far from where we were. If you do not know how to drive, it would be best to stay at the resorts near the sea.

In the afternoon, we decided to go to Klong Yai Kee waterfalls. There was no entrance fee, but it is an entrance to a place where wifi is weak. This is a nice place to meditate, except that, there were foreigners swimming when we got there.

After sneaking in to see who’s on their swimwears, we decided to explore the island a little. From the waterfalls, we drove around and found ourselves watching the sunset in Tinkerbell Resort.

I wanna share your horizon and see the same sunset… ♫♪

We were in an island having the time of our lives so it is a good excuse to have a drink! The island has fine restaurants, some have acoustic bands, some were good for drinking, some were nice for romantic dinners, but we agreed to try The Fisherman’s Hut where I ordered their scandalous drink. Why? Because its name is BJ cocktail drink. haha! Elaborate? Nah! You know what I mean.



I don’t get older, I level up!

Happy birthday to me! Yeah! It’s been years since I left my mom’s womb. *wink* So since this is a special day, we decided to get up early and have a sun-kissed skin at the end of the day.

First stop would be the Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall, Makka Tree and Sai Yai Tree since they are on the same direction. Too bad though, we got lost! I mean, not really lost but the place was a jungle. Our GPS didn’t work, our map wasn’t too helpful, (my compass tattoo didn’t tell me anything), we didn’t even hear a sound of running water. Also, since Thailand protects and preserves animals and insects, we were afraid that some snakes will come out from somewhere so we called it quits and moved on to Klong Chao Waterfall instead. In this waterfall, you can do swing and jump right at the water. If you like adrenaline rush, you can check this one out! Of course, I had my fair share of fun.

Slaying at Klong Chao (c) Intian

Next stop was the beach! Koh Kood has fine, white sand that no other beaches in Thailand that I’ve been to have. They also have swings at the seashore which adds fun and gives you an opportunity to take instagram-worthy photos.

We went to Sea Far Resort where they offer paddle boards for rent at 200 baht/hour. They also have restaurants where you can dine looking at a great view, sip coconut juice straight from the coconut shell or just lay on their lounge chairs to get some tan lines which are the legit evidence of island life.

I guess the mermaid life is just for me… (c) Intian

Later that night, we had dinner at Good View Cafe. It would have been better if we got there earlier as the tables were at the deck overlooking the Klong Jao beach. We grabbed some drinks at Peter Pan Resort and witnessed a fire dance performed by some locals. We already had vodka drinks (made by yours truly) before wandering that night so we went home tipsy. That was totally fun!

The next day, since it is our last day, we decided to have a swim first at Koh Kood Beach Resort, few meters away from our accommodation. We explore the area and took some shots before eating breakfast and packed our things to go home.

So all in all, this birthday getaway is one of a kind. Being lost in a remote island is actually good for your mind, body and soul. It gives you time to think, appreciate little things in life and let you enjoy the relaxing sound of nature. We felt renewed before going back to our city life. But I went home wondering why the resorts in Koh Kood were named after characters in Peter Pan. There’s Peter Pan Resort, Captain Hook Resort, Tinker Bell Resort, and Wendy Resort. There’s even Wonderland Resort! Why? I don’t know, too.

How about you? What do you usually do on your birthday?


    1. Haha! I have articles before but too lazy to continue. haha! Once this turns out good, I might buy my own domain. So hopefully, it will! And thanks for inspiring!


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