Discovering Argao

Spelunking is always a “Yay!” for me. So on a particular weekend, instead of being a lazy bum, me and my friend, Ram, decided to explore Argao that is in the Southern part of Cebu.

We met up in IT Park at 3 am and went on a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal bound for Argao. We reached the town of Argao at around 4 in the morning and t’was a good timing to attend the first mass at St Michael Parish Church.

We spent the remaining hours at the plaza and waited for our tour guide whom we need to see at 7 am. Long hours of waiting, huh? So we decided to explore the nearest resort before the meet up and looking up the dark sky… it suddenly rained! Do you think we can go? But I believe God wanted us to go. We smiled heartily when the rain stopped and hurriedly went to the office to see the Tourism Officer and the tour guide.

The caves hold wonders many failed to see.
We rode a motorcycle up the mountains for about an hour and have to walk for an additional hour before we can reach the famous Balay sa Agta Cave.
The trek going there is challenging. I bet for people who are used to trekking, it’s easy but not to newbies. You will indeed need a guide because the slope is a bit difficult and you will need a rope before you can step foot on the cave’s entrance. It would be best to check with the tourism officer first before coming up here to ensure your safety and avoid accidents.

Inside the cave, there’s a hole where’s the cold air comes from. The tour guide even joked that the giant “agta” has turned on its air conditioner for us. How sweet!

Bucket list checked! (c) Ram
We went into the dark cave, careful not to fall or got hit by falling rocks. At the end of the cave, there is huge space where rain waters pour in like waterfalls. Then, the tour guide told us to turn off our head lights and look up. And true to its tale, there was a reflection of a giant at the ceiling of the cave. It even has a huge cigar!
It was dark, creepy yet amazing, but we couldn’t take any photos inside. Are you getting curious?
On the way back, our tour guide let us stop at Bugasok Falls. You’ll be standing at the top of the waterfall. It was raining earlier so we expected to see a muddy water.
Are you ready to jump in a coffee latte? (c)Ram
After chasing waterfalls, we visited the Mahayahay Beach in Argao where people are having Skim Board competition. Argao is in the southeast part of the province of Cebu, so at times the waves are high.
It has some extremely humid months, and high humidity throughout the year. The least humid month is April, and January as most humid. Wind in there is usually calm but January is the windiest. We visited in September so Argao has the perfect wind and humidity for skim boarding and surfing. Tourism is high during these months so it would be better to visit this town early June with the temperature quite warm.
One of the many reasons why I want to live near the sea…
I also want to add that few months earlier, I visited Argao with another friend. But we went to different places, like the Argao Hall of Justice, Unity Plaza, Puerta Marina and many others within the town but what caught my attention was the castle.

We went to Riverstone Castle situated at the outskirts of Argao. It is the only real fortress standing in the province of Cebu that is entirely built from stones of Argao’s nearby rivers, thus the name “Riverstone”. This castle was said to be built in April 2002 by the Galeos brothers. It  was supposedly a family children park then later on developed into an ecotourism spot. With Php50.00 entrance, we explored the place and felt like being a princess.

I have an OCD – Obsessive Castle Disorder (c) Greza
We also visited Argao Nature Park and enjoyed the massage being offered there for Php100-150.00. We wanted to try the hanging bridge but too bad, it wasn’t well-maintained so safety first.
And since we believed that we are mermaids in another world, we went to Argao beach.
We are often at war with ourselves. You have to find that balance between your heart and your mind.
If you are curious with Argao, I suggest that you visit the cave, the waterfalls, the mountains, beach and anything splendid. You can set up a tour package at Argao Tourism Office and they will cover everything for you including the tour guide, transportation and a snack! You’ll get the famous delicious delicacy of Argao. It was yummy guys, I tell you.
So let me park this here for now. Time to enjoy the sand and the sea!


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